My Ideal Day Off Would Look Like This

My Ideal Day Off Would Look Like This

What does an ideal day off look like?

That is my question to you.

If you’re a mom, you probably haven’t had a day off since before your children were born. Unless of course, you have family nearby that can help you. I, on the other hand, do not live near my family. I am sure that if I still lived near my family, my parents would help watch our son. We also have to consider the fact that our son has special needs. We can’t just leave him with anyone. Not everyone will understand how to care for him and understand his needs.

Do you live near family? Do they help you with your children?

As for me, my days are filled with blogging, housework, organizing anything and everything my son or husband need, taking care of my family as well as myself.

My ideal day off would look like this:

Sleep in until 9am or 10am. I know I must be dreaming here.

I would love for my husband to be a family man and want to spend time with us. Perhaps even plan something special for us to do. I don’t expect anything elaborate. We love to go out to lunch at a family friendly restaurant and then take a nice long walk around a park for the fresh air and exercise. We can then end our nice day watching a movie on Netflix as a family. See? Is that so difficult? I have learned to keep my expectations very low.

I would love to spend an entire day not worrying about my blog and social media. With my husband always preoccupied, I have found that my blog helps fill that void of loneliness. My husband has always found a way to not spend time together as a family. He would much rather sit around and play video games, however, these days he is too busy with work.

So that would be my ideal day off, a laid back day with the family where we aren’t bombarded and distracted by technology.

How would your ideal day off look like?


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