Must-Have Hair items for Fall

Must-Have Hair items for Fall

With the weather changing from summer to fall, we need to prepare for the change and that means we need to have the essentials for your hair. So here are my Must-Have Hair items for Fall this year. By starting off with having your touch up with instant temporary color from TouchBack. My natural hair color is dark brown and being able to touch up my hair when I need it is something that does wonders for my self-esteem.

Conair Brushes beautybrite

The second essential thing that I need to make my hair better is a great brush. I have a few different Conair brushes and they each do a special thing for my hair.

The sports zone is for every day and active life. The flexible strip adds for a maximum grip when holding the brush. As well as adds body and fullness to your hair.

The second brush i have from Conair is their detangler, it gives you’re hair tear-free brushing whether it’s wet or dry.

My third Conair brush that I use is my gel paddle fresh. This one is great for everyday use and with the flexible base, it gives me stress-free brushing anytime of the day.

The last such a thing you’re going to need for your transition to fall is hair accessories.

The first is a ponytail that is super comfy with the Scunci every day and active hair tie. I love that they are 3 times stronger and more durable than before. So whatever you do with your hair to keep it in place, these Scunci’s have you covered!

You can also get a great look with the comfy headbands! A look that looks both amazing in long and short hair and is easy and effortless. Plus if they get dirty all you have to do is put them in the wash and they’re good to go the next time around.

Knowing that my hair essentials are being taken care, I love that I don’t have to worry about not having my hair out of place whenever I go out.

You can get your Scunci’s and Conair brushes at Target stores.

What are your Hair Must Haves?


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