Much Needed Upgrades

Much Needed Upgrades

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This past weekend, I found myself making some much needed upgrades. I have avoided shopping online since I have been a stay at home mom and full time blogger. We are living on one full time income right now, plus, I really don’t have the need to update my wardrobe for work anymore.

I bought new shoes for my workouts and bath mats. My current shoes are about 3 or 4 years old. I use them for my cardio and HIIT workouts. I am determined to lose weight and since I haven’t had a vertigo episode in weeks, I am taking advantage and exercising. I wanted to save on shipping, so I was able to get free shipping on this purchase by adding the bath mats. Our mats are at least 5 years old, so it is time for something new.

I also bought a fan. I would rather use a small fan instead of turning up the air conditioning in our apartment. I find it wasteful to cool the whole apartment for a workout. The fan will be more efficient. I was able to use gift cards to help lower the cost of the fan and free shipping.

Out of both of my online purchases, I will earn cash back. I love saving money and earning cash back on my online purchases!

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I have been asking my husband about getting another bed for our son. Long story short, our son sleeps in our bed. As he is getting bigger, we are left with less and less room to sleep in. I have been waking up sore and stiff from having to sleep in such a confined space. My husband finally realized that we need a bed for our son, so we bought one this weekend. The first store we went to, we quickly realized that the mattresses were way out of our price range. My husband said he saw a mattress for $7000. Most of the mattresses I saw were over $1000. They did have a “value” section but those mattresses looked like ones you would see at a cheap motel. We left that store after about 15 minutes.

My husband went by another store and pointed it out and I saw that it had “supercenter” in the name of the store. That sounded like more of what we were looking for. We were immediately greeted by a salesperson and we explained what we were looking for. He didn’t try to oversell us on a mattress way out of our price range, so I appreciated that. He showed us their “value” section and even showed us the 50% off mattresses, the store models. We ended up purchasing a store model. It looks dirty and I was a little turned off by it, but the price was something we could manage. I told my husband that I plan on using the vacuum on the mattress and would like to steam clean it. We are going to rent a carpet steamer with attachment tool to deep clean the mattress. While we have it, I can steam clean our carpets. We have been here over 2 years and when we moved in, they never replaced the carpet, nor did they steam clean them for us.

I am excited that the mattress happens to be a queen size. We already have a few sets of queen sheets, so we don’t have to spend additional funds getting new sets.


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