Much Needed Retail Therapy

Much Needed Retail Therapy

This past weekend, I did some major online retail therapy. Since I started my job working full time, I have been slowly building my wardrobe. While I can only buy a few things at a time throughout the year, it seems to keep my wardrobe fresh.

For the last few months, I have not been doing any clothes shopping. I think I was mourning the loss of my brother and working to bond with my parents. My brother’s death made me realize how much I miss my family and how much I miss home. I really do miss being near my extended family as well. When my son and I went back home for my brother’s funeral, it was my parents first time in several years to see Kyle and the first time for my extended family to meet Kyle. It was really great to see Kyle with my family!

This past weekend, I decided to get some new clothes and shoes for my work wardrobe. I wanted new shoes, so I found two pairs of shoes. I bought both brown and black in the same style of shoes. I am always wearing black or brown pants, so they will go perfectly with my work clothes. Of course, the shoes were on sale, so that was even better. I also used a coupon code, so I saved even more money!

I also wanted more pants, so I bought a light brown/tan and black pairs of pants. I chose a brand that I like, so I bought the same style and they were on sale. I also had a coupon code for this purchase.

Lastly, I bought a new pair of jeans and a black blazer. I can wear jeans on Fridays at work or I can wear them on the weekends. I love jeans, so I hope they fit! I wanted a black blazer to wear at work. It can be worn with jeans or black pants. Regardless, it can look fashionable and professional. With this purchase, I had a coupon code where I saved 40% off of one of the items (the blazer). Also, jeans were on sale.

It really helped that I had coupon codes for all three purchases that I made this past weekend. I feel like the pieces that I bought for my wardrobe will help me create several new looks.


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