Mediterranean Food with a Modern Twist

Mediterranean Food with a Modern Twist
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During the last two weeks I feel like I have ate nothing but Ham, Turkey, pies, and all the other dishes that come along with the holidays! After binging on leftovers for the last couple days, my fiancé and I were ready for something different and delicious.

Zoe’s Kitchen was exactly what we needed. The experience of dining in was lovely, and the Mediterranean flavor was delicious and a little something different than what we are used to eating.

Zoes Kitchen

When I first entered Zoe’s Kitchen, I loved how bright and open it was! It was almost like a modern twist on an industrial look! The ceilings are open exposing all of the duct work, but everything is painted and looks very neat. The beautiful shades of orange and green are very uplifting and make you feel happy and not rushed!

zoes kitchen

We first went up to the counter and were greeted by the person taking our order. I mentioned that this was my first time coming to Zoe’s Kitchen, and a nice gentleman offered me samples of anything that they had, and told me to take all the time I needed he was there to answer questions.

zoes kitchen

We really couldn’t decide on just one item, so we decided to do the Mediterranean family meal so that we would have lunch for the next day as well! The smaller family meal allows you to choose one entree and 2 fresh sides! We chose the chicken kebabs for our entree and a side of potato salad and pasta salad. The gentleman even offered to throw our potato salad on the grill to make it warm because our pasta salad would be served cold. We took our number and sat down at our table, and after only waiting about 10 minutes or food was served.

zoes kitchenzoes kitchen zoes kitchenzoes kitchen

The chicken kebabs looked and tasted delicious. They had seasoned chicken, grilled peppers, and even grilled tomatoes on the stick. My favorite part of the meal was the warm potato salad, it was made from red potatoes and serving it warm made it even more delightful! The pasta salad had fresh basil and feta cheese in it, and tasted great paired with the chicken kabobs!

If you’re looking for a nice, fresh, clean, family-friendly restaurant Zoe’s Kitchen is the place for you to try. Their live Mediterranean food will more than meet your expectations!

You can find them on their website, Facebook and Twitter.


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