Mary Kay Brush Collection and Brush Cleaner

Mary Kay Brush Collection and Brush Cleaner
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I am so happy to receive the Mary Kay Brush Collection and Brush Cleaner from the PR company to review.   With that, it was time to clean out my makeup bag!  I am always hesitant to throw away my old makeup brushes I no longer use.  I am always worried I may need that brush again.  However, it is nice to update my makeup brushes.

I must say, I have never used a brush cleaner product since I have always washed my brushes with shampoo.  The task is a little exhausting because I have to wait for my brushes to dry; I usually let them sit overnight to be sure they are completely dry.

The Brush Collection is a cosmetic organizer bag that comes with a beautiful set of brushes.  The organizer bag allows you to keep all of your makeup and brushes in their many pockets and slots!  The brushes are high quality!

The Brush Cleaner is so simple to use!  I only used two or three sprays on my brushes.  Then I used a tissue over my brushes to remove residue.  I love how fast it is to clean my brushes!  It is so important to clean your makeup brushes on a regular basis.  When your tools are clean, your makeup will look fabulous!  The brush cleaner is a fast drying cleaner that effectively eliminates makeup residue to provide proper hygiene.  It is safe to use it every day.  Brushes will perform and feel like new, which will deliver true to color makeup application.

I love Mary Kay products!  Mary Kay knows beauty and every product I have from Mary Kay used is amazing.  I miss using their makeup remover because it is so effective and gentle.

I am very impressed with the Brush Collection and Brush Cleaner.  Both products will help keep me organized and keep my tools clean.

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  1. A lot of people don’t think to clean makeup brushes. If you buy good quality brushes you want to keep them clean.

  2. I’m starting to get into makeup, and I’ve heard good things about Mary Kay so I will be looking into this. Thanks for the review!

  3. I LOVE Mary Kay products!! I do not have any brushes or brush cleaner yet. Thank you for writing about this because I like to hear others points of view.

  4. I love makeup brushes! Such a good reminder about keeping them clean.

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