What makes someone a Yogi?

What makes someone a Yogi?

When I was a stay at home mom, I had plenty of time to get my workouts in. I could workout mid-morning or afternoon. Now that I work full time, I either have to get up super early just to workout or workout when I get home. By the time I get home, I am so exhausted and just want to settle in and get ready for another long work day. I was determined to get back into fitness, however, cardio and fast paced workouts were just not for me. I have several workout programs but the workouts are long and the workout schedule calls for 5 or 6 days a week of fitness. It just seems so tiring just thinking about it.

I started a yoga challenge last month and when I finished that one I found another yoga challenge to work on. After concentrating on yoga for the last several weeks, I found that I am incorporating yoga in to my every day routine. I am using yoga breathing and relaxing methods to help me fall asleep without having to depend on Melatonin. I am also trying yoga breathing throughout the day at work if I feel stressed out or need boost of energy.

I was thinking about referring myself as a “yogi” but then I wondered what makes someone a yogi? Merriam Webster defines yogi as “a person who practices yoga” or “a follower of Yoga.” I consider myself a yogi. I am definitely a fan and very addicted. I love that I feel relaxed, flexible and stretched out afterwards. I am able to control my feelings with yoga breathing.

I had no idea I would enjoy yoga so much. I also plan on adding pilates to my workout routine. Pilates helped me slim down. Yoga is allowing me to relaxing by focusing on my breathing.

So, what makes someone a yogi? Do you have any favorite workouts? How do you like to get fit?


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