Mail Day

Mail Day

The picture above is a rarity. It is a picture of the packages I received in one day, one delivery. Usually I get one or two packages a day, not all at once like I did yesterday. Let me tell you, when I walked into the kitchen and saw the packages, I was so shocked! I waited until our son came home from school because he likes to help me open my packages I receive. He loves playing with the boxes and everything else that comes in the boxes.

I have a process with opening packages. Once I get my packages opened, I like to take pictures of the products and then share them on social media. I want to make sure I get a few great pictures to use for my actual blog post as well, so it takes me a few pictures to get the lighting and flash right.

Once the picture taking process is done, I log the products in so that I can keep track of when I received each product. My list keeps me organized and I know which products I need to review.

Of all the packages above, only one of them an order I had purchased on my own. I ordered two pairs of shoes. They are so cute and I cannot wait to wear them at work. They are both the same style shoes, one pair is black and the other is dark brown.
I am expecting two more personal packages of clothes that I ordered last week. I love spoiling myself with new clothes. These days, I choose pieces that are appropriate for work and days off.

I enjoy being a blogger. Over the years, I have learned to be organized with my blogs. I have a process and it helps me stay on track of the things I need to do.


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    Wow, nice! I would like to have that much GOOD mail!

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