Luscious Lip Balm On The Cheap

Love EOS Lip Balm? Yeah, me too. Well, I found a nifty little thing at Dollar General the other day, purely by accident. I stopped into DG for a quick minute to grab a 2-liter of Diet Coke.

Luscious Lip Balm On The Cheap

On the way in my eye was drawn to a display set up just inside the doors. This little beauty was on one of the very top pegs, pushed back, almost out of sight. I thought it was a mini-EOS lip balm from the shape of the container.

Luscious Lip Balm On The Cheap

Lo and behold I discovered that it’s a knock off of EOS, called Revo. It’s full name is Chap-Ice Revo lip balm. You can find it online at Amazon in single-packs or packages of three. But, the one I picked up from Dollar General was significantly cheaper, only $1.00!!!

It’s not marketed as a EOS knock off, but, come on… It looks almost just like them!

These Chap-Aid lip balms contain Aloe & Vitamin E and, honestly, I think it went on as smooth as EOS lip balms. This one is watermelon flavor. I really liked that it went on super smooth with no waxy feel and it tasted like watermelon with no unpleasant aftertaste.

Luscious Lip Balm On The Cheap

Chap-Aid Lip balms are distributed by Oralabs, Inc. based in Parker, CO and are Made in the USA. Find them online at

They also have other great products such as lip balm leashes that clip on belt loops, backpacks or purses; suncare products such as lip balms with SPF, suncreens and face sticks; hand sanitizer and breath care products, among others.

I plan to explore my local dollar stores a little more to see if they carry other Oralabs, Inc. products locally. I’m thinking these will make great stocking stuffers for my girls, to have in my purse for daily use, or to add to little beauty product gift bags for my nieces.

I love Dollar General!!! DG (and other dollar stores such as Family Dollar and Dollar Tree) are my go-to spots for finding little goodies for Christmas stockings, Easter baskets, Halloween bags & Birthday goodie bags. I find many cute little beauty, toy and holiday themed items that I buy all year long and stick back for these special occasions.

What’s your favorite dollar store find?


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