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Simple perfect waves KSM Hairspray Ella MoroccanOil

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From the sunshine rays to the cool spring breeze that is blowing in your hair. The new year has brought some fun new adventures in my beautiful life that have been a blast to enjoy. I am going to take you on a do-it-yourself to restore your hair and give you a luminous loose wave that is so simple and quick it takes just minutes to do.

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This is a super simple how to do luminous waves that then can be dressed with a stylish headband.

First, a little bit of info on my hair condition, I received some sun damage that Arizona living has given me plus I just home dyed my hair a violet purple that I just love so I had some damaged hair. You know when dying your hair you always risk damaging your hair from all the chemicals and that does not help the already sun damage that I have. The good news is that your hair does not have to keep that chemical or sun damage. You just need to help it from all the stress.

Start off with a clean base and the Sexy Hair Healthy color-care treatment that will bring your hair back to life. When I rinse out my hair from the color treatment, I  never rinse it all out. Leaving in some adds some much needed protecting and moisture for my hair.

Wet hair

Here we have two different options for making your luminous loose wavy hair for either day or night.

So after I come out of the shower, I add a quarter-size amount of Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream to my hair by massaging it from my tips to my roots. MoroccanOil Styling Cream Hair

I flip it back and brush my hair out with my brush.

Brush it out

After I brush my hair I lighty spray the top of my hair with the KMS Hair Spray.

Twist it up
Then I twist my hair up to put it up in my clip.

Sexy waves

I put my hair in a claw clip.

Put your headwrap over your head so you don’t get any strays.

Ready and set
Let your hair air dry for two hours and undo the clip from hair to completely dry.

Simple perfect waves KSM Hairspray Ella MoroccanOil
Your hair will look amazing and it is only going to take minutes to get going.

So what do you do when you start losing your waves at the end of the day and want to go out?

All you need to do is lightly dampen your hair, spray, twist and clip it. By the time that you’re ready to head out your hair is going to be ready to go!

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