Lucy Pinkston and the Lost Mine Review

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Lucy Pinkston and the Lost Mine
by Cheryl St. James


About the book:

It’s 1875, and life is good for Boston’s Pinkston Detective Agency. It suits 18-year-old Lucy Pinkston less so. As the only daughter of the famous Pinkston patriarch, Lucy detests needlepoint and every other proper feminine pursuit. Relegated to a life of domestic drudgery, what she really desires is the opportunity to join her brother, Jack, in the family business.

Lucy thinks she gets her chance when Jack is hired to find Robert Scruggs, a wealthy pharmaceutical magnate who vanished without a trace in the California prospecting country. His untimely disappearance leaves his heir in a lurch, as an sizable family fortune hangs in the balance. It doesn’t take long for gold fever to overtake the case, as rumors swirl on whether Robert Scruggs found a gold mine before he went missing.

Yet instead of turning to his sister for assistance, Jack engages an old school friend—the mysterious James Smith. Determined to prove herself and get the better of the male duo, Lucy enlists the support of a chaperone and bodyguard, Mr. Farouk. With his assistance, she departs for San Francisco determined to uncover what really happened to Scruggs and the truth behind the lost mine.

My Review:

I enjoy reading a good mystery. Lucy Pinkston and the Lost Mine is set in 1875, so the dialogue and writing took some getting used to. However, I found it to be a refreshing read because it allowed me to learn their way of communicating. The characters are less forthcoming and more respectful and formal with each other.

While Lucy is 18 years old, she acts much younger, however, in a way, she is very mature for her age.  She is striving to outwit her older brother Jack. Jack thinks he is on the trail of solving the case; however, Lucy is determined to find her own way of solving the mystery.

Lucy is a hoot! She enjoys putting on disguises and playing a different character. She seems to do a great job with using the supplies she has on hand to make her disguise work.

Lucy is clever! She finds a way to make the situation work to her advantage. She is committed to finding the answer or the way to the answer.

The characters were well written and definitely had me guessing. The characters played their parts well to where I had no idea the book would turn out the way it did. Lucy Pinkston and the Lost Mine is a nice mystery read with a little romance and adventure mixed in.

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