I love the weekends


Houseplants (Photo credit: NCReedplayer)

I love the weekends. My two days off allow me to recover from a long work week. The last time I worked full time hours like I am doing now was before my son was born. Back then, I was younger! I could handle the long hours. It was just my husband and I. We both worked full time and life was much easier for us.

These days, we have our son. We have more responsibility. At least we still have each other. Our son is in first grade. My husband is a full time law student. I work full time for our local county government. My work can be exhausting because I spend so much time away from home.

I miss my family during the day. Thankfully, my husband pitches in and helps with dishes and laundry. I do a quick cleaning on my days off. I also love doing the laundry on the weekends.

Now that I am working, I have been able to slowly build my work wardrobe. Also, my check pretty much pays all of our bills and rent each month. It is a lot of pressure on me. My husband has a separate checking account. In a way, I feel we are spending much more money than we should be. My husband is very liberal with his spending when it comes to his own needs. He eats out at least 90% of the time during the week.

I do our weekly grocery shopping on the weekends as well. I have found that I buy less food for my husband because I know that he will eat fast food (yuck) during the week. I tend to buy food for the family these days.

I have also been slowly building my houseplant collection. I am obsessed with houseplants again. It seems I can never have enough. Not only are they soothing to my soul but they are decorative. They also clean our indoor air of toxins.


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