lokai Bracelet

lokai Bracelet

I am working on living a positive life. I try to focus on the positive and the good things that come to our family. I am thankful for every door that is opened to us. Staying balanced with work, family, hobbies and life is a constant juggle. When I saw the opportunity to try the lokai bracelet, I knew that it fit with my way of thinking and living. I received a lokai bracelet to review.

I have noticed that when I dwell on the negative things in our life, more negative happens. Instead of doors opening, the doors slam in our face. Things fall through. The opportunities do not present themselves. Instead, my husband and I have turned our thinking around. If we are happy, our life will be happy. In the last several months, great things have been happening to us. I do not want to claim it is magic, but it certainly feels magical.

When I start my day with a negative event, such as reading an email that upsets me (this really did happen), I quickly turn my thoughts to events that make me happy. I read a positive quote, look at my family’s pictures or tickle my son to make him laugh. I do not let a negative situation upset me and I try not to dwell on it.

The lokai bracelet represents the highest and lowest points on Earth. The black bead holds mud from the Dead Sea , the lowest point on Earth. The black bead signifies the difficult moments you experience throughout life. The white bead contains water from Mount Everest , the highest point on Earth. The white bead represents life’s highest moments.

To me, my lokai bracelet represents hope and balance. Wearing the bracelet reminds me to stay hopeful. I love how lightweight it is on my wrist. It does not get in the way of work, nor is it clunky or chunky when my wrist rests on my desk. The colors of the bracelet are neutral, so it easily goes with any outfit I wear to work.

Do you seek balance in your life?

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