Limited Edition Milani Powder Blush Review

Limited Edition Milani Powder Blush

Disclaimer: I was provided with one free full-size Milani Powder Blush compact in Lady Rouge to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received by myself or this blog. All opinions are 100% my own.

I must preface this review by stating that I don’t wear a lot of make-up. I’m a mom. Nuff said, right? No time for trying to apply eyeliner exactly where I want it, blush and eye shadow are a pain to deal with when you have kids under your feet. As a matter of fact, my makeup regimen since my first child was born in 1992 has been simply this: concealer to cover spots/even skin tone, occasionally face powder, mascara, lip gloss. Bam. Done. And that rudimentary routine was, 99% of the time, done in the car while driving the kids to daycare or rushing myself off to college or work, or whatever. Well, my kids are too old for me to use that no-time excuse anymore. My daughters are 20 and 11, my son 14.

However, after so many years off the makeup bandwagon, thinking about applying eyeshadow or eyeliner artfully just basically makes my stomach cramp in knots. I’m frightened. Of eyeliner. I’m 40 years old. It’s a little ridiculous.


So, when the opportunity to review Milani’s Powder Blush presented itself I thought, “Okay. It’s just blush. It’ll be a safe, forgiving, can’t-possibly-color-outside-the-lines segue back into the world of makeup.” So, I jumped on it. Here I go, down the rabbit hole. LOL

I received the product in the mail with a very nice hand-written note from a representative of public relations agency. Hand Written. Who hand writes anything anymore?! Already I was impressed. Beautiful blue tissue paper stamped with the company logo unfolded to reveal the powder blush sample I was to review. I was shocked, and very pleasantly surprised to find a 0.60 oz. compact within, rather larger than I was expecting. It measures about 3″ in diameter, clearly a full-size product. For me! I felt like it was Christmas in March!!!

I stood there appreciating the beautiful presentation of this compact, barely able to contain my excitement at the prospect of trying it out. Then my world came crashing down.

Remember I said I was a Mom. That my makeup routine consisted of concealer (applied with fingertips), mascara & lipgloss? Yeah. You can probably guess where this is going. I do not own a makeup brush of any sort!!! Well, that’s not entirely true. I purchased some powder eyeshadow about a month ago and when I realized it didn’t come with an applicator, I purchased a small brush for that. But, it’s much too small for blush application. Unless I want to spends 10 times longer applying it, which I don’t.  My kids are older, true, but I’m still a Mom and my schedule consists of my job as a social worker as well as juggling the schedules of 4 other people in my household. So, off to purchase a brush.

If you’d would like to try out this product, there is something you should know. This particular shade (06 Lady Rouge), which Kathleen called “Rose”, I imagine for the rose pattern etched in the powder, is a Limited Edition product found exclusively at Walgreens during the month of March only! If you want it, get it now.

A search of the Walgreens website for Milani products yielded 88 results, everything from concealer to brow liner, lip gloss to blush, eye shadow to mascara even bronzer and nail polish. Everything the makeup maven needs to put forth her most beautiful self. I was not able to find this Rose patterned blush compact online, so I believe it must only be available in stores. I did also find Milani products available for purchase on Amazon, Ebay and

A trip to one of my local Walgreens stores to see their Milani display can be seen in the following images.

Milani-4 Milani-5

My Thoughts on this product:

I was a little worried about trying this product simply because it is a bright pink color, a color I normally wouldn’t choose. But, it brushes on feather light, and isn’t nearly as bright as I had feared. Forgive the picture, I don’t think I photograph very well. But, I am pleased with the results, so I decided to show everyone. I was pleasantly surprised to find the prices to be more affordable than I thought they’d be. I can’t wait to pick up some other cosmetics by Milani to try very soon.


So, there you go. My review of Milani Powder Blush. Check out the Milani display at your local Walgreens the next time you stop in.

Disclaimer: I was provided with one free full-size Milani Powder Blush compact in Lady Rouge to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received by myself or this blog. All opinions are 100% my own.


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