Let Your Nails Take You on a Voyage

Let Your Nails Take You on a Voyage

Voyage Diva Duri Nail polish

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Divas, are you ready for Spring?  Getting in shape going to the gym while shopping for bikini season?

Duri has come out with 12 NEW shades for this Spring called Voyage Diva.

Rio Rager, Azure Isle, Mallorca Mauve, Tahitian Sand, Fairytale Prague, When in Rome, London Calling, Marrakech Magic, Aussie Gold Coast, Maui Wawie, Weekend in Dubai, and Trending in NY.

I’ll showcase 5 of the 12 in this posting.

If you haven’t heard or seen Duri nail polishes prior to this, the entire collection is 5-Free, meaning NO Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde resin, and Camphor.

Now that we know we aren’t putting any nasty chemicals on our beautiful nails.  Let’s get into these popping beauties!

I applied 2 coats of each nail polish on all of my nails.

First up is Azure Isle.  Azure Isle is described as a cool toned, shiny blue.

Duri Azure Isle nail polish

You see how it just pops out and gets your attention?  All of these shades will go perfectly with your swimsuits this spring and summer.

Fairytale Prague is described as a warm toned lavender with a shiny finish, but looks more cool toned against my skin tone.

Duri FairyTale Prague

Mallorca Mauve is described as a warm toned pink mauve, but looks more cool toned against my skin tone.

Duri Mallorca Mauve nail polish

Weekend in Dubai is described as a warm toned green in a shiny finish but looks more cool toned against my skin tone.

Duri weekend in Dubai nail polish

The final one of the 5 that I have is Tahitian Sand which is described as a warm toned yellow with a shiny finish.

Although these are all described as warm toned except for Azure Isle, they seem to all be cool toned on my nails.

Duri Voyage Diva

They cost $6 each bottle that contains 15ml’s.

You can purchase them on their website HERE.


Which Duri Voyage Diva shade pops out at you?


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  1. I have several of Duri’s Valentine’s Day shades and I love them to pieces. I’m wearing this polish right now as a matter of fact. Love it!!!

  2. I really like the lavender and mauve shades. They are beautiful, and you have beautiful nails! The green color almost looks like it glows in the dark. My daughter and I love nail polish, so thanks for the review.

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