Let the teasing begin…

About a month ago, I starting buying the Sunday paper strictly for the coupons.  I wanted to start couponing, but not to be an “extreme couponer.”  Being that my husband and I are both unemployed, my goal is to help my household save what little money we have on the non-food items that we use such as shampoo/conditioner, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc. 

After a few weeks of using coupons when I shop at Walgreens, we now have 4 bottles of shampoo (3 from coupons) and one bottle of conditioner, 7 bars of soap (6 pack from coupons), 3 toothpastes, and 6 toothbrushes (2 were from coupons).

My husband and brother have already started teasing me about having so much stuff.  I am hurt and bothered by it.  My brother should change his attitude towards me considering he could be homeless if it weren’t for us taking him in!  He hasn’t paid us a dime in rent, food, gas for our car, or utilities either.  He was living in our grandmother’s basement up until a few weeks ago and before that he was homeless.  When my brother was in Kindergarten (I was in 3rd grade), he wrote a poem called, “My stupid sister.”  Of course, that hurt me and I still remember hearing about the poem to this day.  Well, his “stupid sister” gave him a roof over his head when nobody else would.  Despite my husband and my brother’s teasing, I will continue to use coupons to save money.  I plan on talking to my husband about how I feel when he teases me because it does hurt my feelings.

I am learning to coupon by matching the coupons that I have with the Walgreens ad and if I need additional help, I refer to the many couponing blogs out there!  I still don’t know all the coupon terms, tricks and tips but I am learning as I go. 

Now that my “coupon stash” is getting bigger, I am realizing that I will need a binder to keep them organized in! I don’t want to misplace or forget to use a coupon!


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  1. Becky Fuentes says:

    You're doing great! Don't let the teasing get you down… it comes with the territory. Keep it up and you'll see that they'll change their tune soon enough. :)Have a great 4th of July!

  2. Working Mom and Savi says:

    I just started couponing a few months ago, my coupons quickly went from an envelop to a full on binder. My husband use to tease me too, until he went to the store with me and seen me save over $100. He now encourages me, an reminds me to take my binder everywhere.

  3. I agree, don't let their teasing get you down! After a few weeks of stashing, you will see your regular grocery bill shrink! Try searching "walgreens scenarios" You will find specific shopping lists detailing which coupons to use in which order, and you can get out with nearly a hundred dollars in goods for 5 bucks! Girl that is income, and if hubby wants to tease you for income… ;-0

  4. Summy.B says:

    Its funny how people tease other people for doing something like saving money… I think its great!Im a new followerHave a great weekendSummerhttp://summyb.blogspot.com/

  5. Don't let the teasing stop you from couponing!!! I just started about a month ago and it's amazing how much you can actually save!!!! Check out my blog post where I wrote about my coupon binder. And feel free to email me if you have any questions!http://nicolesrandomthings.blogspot.com/2011/06/my-new-coupon-binder.html

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