Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction?  Ever see the movie called The Secret?  Both are based on the idea that we create our own path in our daily lives.  If you think positively, you are sending positive waves into the Universe, thus positive things will happen to you.  You are attracting a positive outcome.  The same is true for negative thinking.  If you think about having a bad day or dwell on the bad things that have happened in your life, then you are attractive negative waves.

Here is a great example: you pull into your favorite store or mall parking lot and as you are driving around looking for a parking spot, you see one right up front!  “Perfect timing,” you think.  Keep those positive thoughts that are going through your head as you park the car.  More positive will come your way.

I am not trying to convince you that it works.  I am actually applying the Law of Attraction to my own life now.  I am trying to keep a positive and open mind about the future.  I just finished reading an ebook based on the law of attraction, it was based on bringing wealth and money in one’s life, however, I can easily apply the message to anything.  I am also reading two more Law of Attraction ebooks right now.

I have written down what I want out of our future, jobs, my blog, family and life.  I also have a list of  positive messages and quotes from the ebooks that I have read.  I read them daily to remind myself and stay focused.

I am applying the Law of Attraction by motivating myself to follow through with college.  I am looking at returning to college in June to earn my Bachelor’s Degree.  This week, I have changed my major twice already.  I wanted to find a subject that truly interests me and I hope I have found it.  I only have a little over a year left of school to graduate, so I need the positive energy and encouragement to return and stick with it.  I am ready for this new chapter in my life.

My husband has always tried to follow the Law of Attraction with thinking positively.  We both seem to have different goals and means we are looking for, but in the end, they will benefit our family.


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  1. […] He is an overall kind person. We both live a drama free, laid back life. We don’t like chaos, arguing or negative thoughts and feelings. I think it also helps that our son has special needs. If we are mad or upset, he can pick up on it and it can in turn make him feel the same. We never want him to feel negative feelings from us. We stay positive. […]

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