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SinfulColors with King Kylie Collection

SinfulColors King Kylie Nail Polish Collection

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Kylie Jenner is at it again with a NEW beauty venture.  I’m sure you already know of her infamous lip kits that always sell out within minutes when she replenishes her inventory. The demand is serious for her lip kits.  I can’t even get on her site fast enough to get me any. Thankfully, she teamed up with SinfulColors Professional and created a nail polish collection called King Kylie.  Rumor has it that she’s collaborating with them for three nail polish collections!

The first SinfulShine collection King Kylie is what we’ll be discussing today.  I have 6 of the 20 shades now as well as the SinfulShine Top coat. King Kylie is a limited edition, go figure!  So don’t wait around to scoop them up.

Kylie Jenner nail polish collection

The shades that I have from left to right are:

  • Miss Chief is described as a baby pink pearl
  • Karamel is described as a warm neutral color
  • Kween is described as a bright pop of ruby red
  • Slay Grey is described as a shimmering silver
  • Knight Out is described as a shining armour steel with a bold metallic look
  • Da New Black is described as a sexy dark side with subtle sparkles

There are so many different ways to wear these.  You can go with a single shade and then paint your accent nails with a different shade like I did below.

Kylie Jenner nail polish collection

I used two coats of Da New Black on my whole nail and then used two coats of Miss Chief on my accent nails.

Or you can get really creative and use several of the King Kylie Collection nail polishes as I did here below.

Kylie Jenner nail polish collection

I used two coats of Da New Black to color my whole nail, then did one line swipe down the middle of my nails using Knight Out, then a half line swipe using Kween alternating sides of the Knight Out.  Then on my accent nails, I painted the whole nail with Knight Out then a line down the center using Da New Black shade, then a half line of Kween next to Da New Black.  I topped them all out with the SinfulShine top coat.

All of the shades above have a little bit of shimmer except for the shade Kween.  They look amazingly gorgeous when you’re outside in the sun and the sun hits them showing off your glimmering manicures!

The possibilities are endless with her new nail polish collection.

As I stated earlier, the SinfulShine King Kylie nail polish collection is a limited edition so you’re going to want to hit the stores up and get your pretty little hands decked out in these.

You can head over to your local Walmart and grab your favorite shades!  They sell for an affordable price of $2.98 each!

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What shades above are you loving?

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