Kid Tough Furniture

Kid Tough Furniture

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As a mom to a boy, I am always ready for him to make a mess, destroy things and just be a boy! My son also has special needs, so I am unsure if his behavior is similar to other boys. He is the only child I am raising, so he is all I know. Whenever we receive packages in the mail, my son likes to “help.” He loves taking the boxes and the packing material and rip it apart and it ends up all over the living room.

Since my husband and I are raising a boy, we are always looking for kid-friendly toys and supplies that will last! We purposely do not have any breakable items around our home let alone anything nice or pretty! Our home decor consists of things that will survive our family! Our son loves to destroy things or rip up books and such, which is why I keep his books out of sight. The Modern Kids Table and Stools from Sprout Kids is the perfect piece of furniture for our son. When I love about it is that not only is it super easy to assemble but I can disassemble it when not in use. It is the perfect space saver for us since we do live in an apartment so our space is very limited.

Modern Kids Table and Stools with books

The table and stools were easy to assemble in that I did not need any tools and it only took me a few minutes. It did come with instructions but to be honest, I did not need them! Just by unpacking them, I could see how to assemble the stools and table. If I am being honest, the table was the most “difficult” to assemble. The table top was a little difficult for me to connect together. Other than that, it only takes a few minutes of your time to set up!

Modern Kids Table and Stools

I also love the sleek look! It is super easy to clean. The corners and edges are rounded, which is perfect for little ones. Not only that, the Modern Kids Table and Stools is made from recycled pre-consumer fiber and made in the USA!

You can find Sprout Kids on their website, Facebook and Twitter.


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