Jockey Classic Contour Bra

Jockey Classic Contour Bra

I am so thrilled and honored for the opportunity to receive a custom bra from Jockey.  I received the Jockey Classic Contour Bra to review.  You can read about my Jockey online ordering experience as well.

I love my bras.  I do not have the ability to buy new bras often.  The bras I do have, I try to take great care of so that they will last for years.

I chose the Jockey Classic Contour Bra based solely on customer reviews.  On other bras, some customers mentioned that the straps pinch them.  Ultimately, I chose the Jockey Classic Contour Bra in white.  I definitely needed a solid white bra, especially for work.  I work full time and need to be comfortable and feel supported and confident!

I love my Jockey Classic Contour Bra!  It arrived beautifully displayed in a box the size of a shoe box.  When it first arrived, I quickly tried it on and realized my mistake.  I measured myself perfectly; however, it was too perfect.  Instead of adding a few extra inches to my measurements, I used the exact number.  So my bra is the exact size of my chest.  I normally like my bra to fit comfortably loose, not like a second skin.  That is completely my mistake.  I am happy with the cup size.  Next time, I will add a few inches to my measurements.

Besides the sizing, I love my bra!  I wear my bra at work with no issues.  My bra is so comfortable and soft.  It does fit snug in the front, however, that is my fault.  My advice to you is to add a few inches to your measurement when ordering.

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