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Jean Straps

About Jean Straps:

The perfect solution for tucking jeans into your boots. Eminently flexible, detachable Jean Straps are easily swapped out from one pair of jeans to another with just a flick of a garter clip.

Benefits of using Jean Straps –

• Hold jeans down when putting on boots.
• Keep jeans taut, minimizing bunching.
• Attach to any pair of jeans.
• Wear comfortably; no bulky metal clips.

My Review:

When I heard about Jean Straps, I knew I wanted to try the product.  Doing this review gave me an excuse to buy a new pair of boots!  I haven’t had a pair of boots in over a decade!  I am more of a sneakers and flats girl!  Now that I have a pair of beautiful boots, I will be wearing them more.  With Jean Straps, I don’t have to worry about my jeans bunching upwards or moving as I walk.

When I first tried to put the Jean Straps on my jeans, I had a hard time.  I tend to make the easiest things more difficult!  Once I figured out how to use the Jean Straps, they were easy to attach to my jeans.  They kept my jeans in place and didn’t irritate my jeans, feet or boots at all.  Jean Straps are so flexible that I barely noticed them.

Jean Straps


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