I’ve Got A Stat For You

I’ve Got A Stat For You
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I’ve Got A Stat For You
By Andrew Edwards

Andrew Edwards recounts his difficult journey to manage his autism while living in a world filled with bullying and a lack of understanding. Growing up in a single parent household with his mother, encountering bureaucracy at every turn, and facing a world that did not want to understand or relate to him, Andrew ultimately emerged from his turbulent childhood as a successful and extraordinary young man.

My son was diagnosed with Autism when he was 4 years old. When he was a baby, I remember my husband and I brought up his delayed development with his pediatrician. I also remember she would sweep it under the rug with us and tell us that “boys develop slower than girls.” I remember we brought up our concerns a few times. Each time, she would brush it off. Being a new mom, I didn’t even question her. I love learning more about Autism. Our family journey of learning everything about Autism has been from our son. We live our life around him. My husband and I always wonder what is going on in our son’s head. What is he thinking? We can only go by what he does and acts. I was thrilled to read I’ve Got A Stat For You, written by Andrew Edwards who was diagnosed with Autism.

As I read through Andrew’s autobiography, I quickly realized he cites his important life events with those of UK sporting events.

“They got married at Gwersyllt Church on Saturday 3rd February 1996, the same day Manchester United won 4-2 at Selhurst Park against Wimbledon.” – Page 11

As a non-sports fan, the stats mean nothing to me. Perhaps this is how he remembers every important date in his life?

This makes me wonder how our son processes information each day. Our son has a superb memory and we’re pretty sure he has a photographic memory.  When he comes home from school, it is as if he scans the entire room for something new!  Even if we were to visit a home that we have been to before, he remembers every little detail and wants to check everything out!  He will open drawers and doors just to check.

We know he goes by routine. We pretty much do the same thing each week, so he seems to understand when it is time to go to school. He is aware of the days of the week as well. We do remind him that he has school the next day if he asks.

Edwards also makes a connection with dogs in that he learns that they calm him down. After reading how his mother showed him how to control his own emotions with the help of his dogs makes sense. My son has meltdowns and many times we have no idea what set him off. I usually grab my essential oils and apply to his skin. I have several calming oils that I use.

My son loves playing with animals. He loves dogs. I wish we could have a dog but we just do not have the time for one. I can see how a dog can calm my son down when he’s upset. The dog would help distract him from what is upsetting him.

I’ve Got A Stat For You is a UK friendly read. There are a lot of terms and sayings that he uses that I did not understand.

After reading his story, I have a better understanding of how our son understands and connects things or people to certain events.

I’ve Got A Stat For You is an overall good read.

You can find I’ve Got A Stat For You on Amazon.


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  1. Melanie Beckley says:

    Thank you for your positive feedback on my brother’s book. We are all so pleased that it can help people who are affected by autism. Wish you all the best with your son

    • Hi Melanie,

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by!!! Say hello to your brother for me. It is really insightful for me to read your brother’s thoughts and how he understands the world. It really opened my eyes as to how my son may see our world.

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