It’s for the best

Earlier this week, I decided to apply for an online “position” with a website I have been a member of for a year and a half as a forum moderator or support staff.  The website is a paid to click site where members are paid to click on websites.  Anyone who wants to advertise their websites can advertise on paid to click sites.  It’s not a paid position, rather the website offers “bonuses” to where I can earn more money on their site as a member.  Anyway, I filled out the questionnaire and along with the questionnaire was a message stating if you don’t hear back from them, then your application was denied or the position was no longer available. 

I admit, I was a little hurt that I apparently didn’t meet their expectations, but realized that it’s for the best.  It means I have more time to devote to this blog!  I am having so much fun trying different products, writing product reviews and hosting giveaways.  I also love entering giveaways that others are hosting!  I have also found that fellow bloggers are really nice and willing to help each other.  I am so glad I stumbled upon the review and giveaway blogging world.  Before I started doing product reviews on my blog, I was doing video reviews and posting them on youtube.  I do have to say that I like blogging more!

I was really hoping to land a position as a forum moderator or support staff just because I wanted to earn a little extra money.  My husband and I have been unemployed for too long.  I haven’t worked since July and my husband has been unemployed for almost a year.  In the meantime, I am devoting as much time as I can to this blog.  I hope for good things in the new year!

Happy New Year everyone!  May 2011 bring you prosperity, luck, and more!


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  2. Queen Mom says:

    Hang in there! We ALL go through financial struggles that make us a bit more conscious about being wise/thrifty/frugal with our money. Here's to a blessed and prosperous 2011. May we all do more than "just get by"!

  3. Kelly Smith says:

    I am completely NEW to the review/giveaway blogging scene! Right now, I'm entering, entering… It is overwhelming!!! Good luck in your employment endeavors this year!!

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