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Yesterday I talked about going clothes shopping to update my wardrobe for my new job.  I ended up going shopping with my mother-in-law.  We went to Ross and Kohl’s.  I ended up getting a nice black top with a nice design around the neck and waist and a lightweight black sweater.  The sweater is very light and airy and perfect to keep around the office if it gets cold.

I had fun looking at Kohl’s.  Although we found it difficult to find clothes suitable for business casual.  We looked at the clearance racks and they were stuffed full of a mix of clothes.  Plus, they were all on the wrong size hangers, so if you really wanted to find something, you had to look at the actual article of clothing for the size.  I ended up getting several button down shirts, and business casual blazer and skirt.

The blazer and skirt are dry clean only and I normally stay far away from that type of clothing.  It is just such a hassle and added expense to our very tight budget.  I do know that Walmart has a black blazer and skirt for a business casual wardrobe.  Not only that, their set is machine washable!

At checkout, I was watching my total go up and up and then the cashier said a totally different number than what I saw and then I realized I was looking at the wrong number.  I was looking at my “savings” and not my “total.”  My total was much more than I thought!  I had no idea it would be so much.  I asked if I could pay part cash and part debit, which he said it was okay.  I gave him all the cash I had in my wallet and used my debit card to help cover the rest.  It turns out I did not have enough funds in my account so it was declined!  As you can imagine, I am standing there completely embarrassed.  I start to ask him to remove some clothes from my total.  My mother-in-law then steps in and says that I can put the rest on her card (I would pay her back).

Have you ever had that happen to you?  When I was working at Walmart as a cashier, I had that happen to customers all the time.  They always asked if they could remove things from their basket.  I understand where they are coming from, so I was always patient and polite with them.


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  1. Angela Kinder says:

    When my family was going through a rough time, we went to HEB to get a few things. But our total was more than we could afford so after he had rung everything up, we actually had to ask him to take a few things off to a total where we could pay. It was so embarrassing that I just wanted to cry. We apologized to our cashier and everyone in line. I got out of there as fast as I could.

    • beautybrite says:

      I completely understand what you mean. From the cashiers side, I am sure he wasn’t upset at you. I hope he was sympathetic or at least nice about it!

  2. Cris Brown says:

    One time when we were trying to buy a new sign for our new restaurant we
    had to pay by credit card [lots of startup expenses]. I only had a few
    cards at the time and I wanted to use a new one, well it was declined.
    It would have been embarrassing except the man doing the work couldn’t
    accept cards on his own, we actually had to go to his mother’s store to
    process the payment through her machine. Her store was a private
    clothing store – boutique, expensive. She did have a smart comment to
    make about it, but I reminded her that at least we were patronizing her
    son instead of a larger business.

    • beautybrite says:

      Sorry to hear about your experience. That is just too bad about her snide comment… uncalled for.

  3. Victoria Cortinas says:

    Not too long ago my youngest brother and I went grocery shopping with coupons. I had calculated everything up so I could make sure I didn’t go over what money I had. Well, when we got to the register the cashier was annoyed by our coupons and when the total was more than I had(my mistake) I asked her to take 2 things off. She got so annoyed and kept making snide remarks and smacking her gums. Then someone behind me kept complaining about being late for work. I felt horrible.

    • beautybrite says:

      UGH! I really hate that. I am guessing that she is young and still lives with mommy and daddy and they pay all of her bills…she has no idea how life is like.

  4. peacesun says:

    I’ve had to put clothes back, at least the ones that were on the bubble of “should I get this or not,” and if the fit’s not perfect or color isn’t quite the right hue so I’d have to wear a scarf to “fix” it. One time I was embarrassed by a cashier asking me If I could take the things off the hanger. It left a bad taste in my mouth and stomach plus then I felt like the clothes were tainted or jinxed. Usually shopping is a great experience and I love getting bargains and stretching my dollars makes me feel as though I’ve accomplished something special. I’m a real bargain hunter and shop the clearance and end aisles first to see if there’s an item that needs to go in my cart.

  5. randyfulgham says:


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