It Pays to Ask

It doesn’t hurt to ask, right?  This past weekend, I made the decision to call our cable/internet/phone provider and our auto/renter’s insurance company about lowering our bills.

I just got off the phone with our cable/internet/phone provider to ask them about lowering our bill.  Not only were they able to help me, but they lowered it much more than I expected!  Our current bill is a little over $127 for cable, internet and home phone service.  The customer service rep was able to give me free DVR service for 6 months, which lowered my bill to about $113 a month!  I would just have to call back in 6 months (May) to keep my DVR service.

It certainly does pay to ask!

Here are 3 tips to remember when calling customer service:

1. Be kind and courteous.

It really does go a long way when you are kind and courteous to the person on the other end. Nobody wants to help (or go the extra mile) for someone who is being rude.

2. Have your billing statement in front of you when calling.

This helps the process go a little quicker so youou don’t have to waste time looking for information when asked. You can also point out specifics to your bill that you are referring to.

3. Be patient and flexible.  (i.e. Are you willing to change your services?)

This allows the customer service rep to find a package that will fit your family and needs. Plus, they may throw in a few extras!

I will be calling our auto/renter’s insurance company tomorrow.  I would have called today but the cordless phone was low on battery.

I have worked in customer service and I can honestly say that the people who were nice, patient and courteous to me always got my full attention. I was more willing to help them further.

How do you save money?  Do you have any tips to share?  Have you tried asking to have your bills lowered?  How was your experience?


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