Is it excitement?

Is it excitement?

Now that I am working all day, I find myself with less of an appetite.  When lunch comes around, I am not very hungry.

In the morning on the way to work, my stomach is usually in knots or full of butterflies.  I am nervous but excited.  I love that I am working full time and helping my family.

Throughout the day, I snack on almonds.  They are a quick and easy snack.  I plan on bringing small healthy snacks to eat at my desk.  Having a big meal for lunch would make me feel sleepy.

I am enjoying the job.  I cannot wait to learn more so I can answer the phones.  I did answer phones for a few hours today, however I felt unprepared because I do not know all the answers.  It did help to learn the phones and some of the computer programs.

I am putting together a binder with all of the information I will need.  It will help to have everything in one place when I am on the phone.

Being away from home all day makes me feel guilty.  I feel guilty not being there for my family.  However, I have a supportive husband who is really stepping up to watch our son during the day!  He is also getting things done around the house.

I still have no decorated my desk with plants.  I plan on bringing a few air plants to display on my desk.  I think that once I have a few of my own plants at my desk, it will feel a little like home.  I also want to bring some family pictures to display on my desk.


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