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Think about the industry that you currently work in. Do you use acronyms or terms that you use to refer to a process, paperwork, or work area? When I worked in the hotel industry, I came across several terms that we used among fellow employees. If I were to use those terms in any other industry, they would not make sense.

During my time working in the hotel industry, we used several terms. Each property used a set different terms in addition to some of the same.

Here are some of the terms we used:

DND – Do Not Disturb. Just about anyone who travels and stays in a hotel should know what Do Not Disturb means. It lets all employees know not to knock on your door. You can call down to the operator or front desk and tell them you want to put a DND on your phone. It means we can put a block on your phone. If anyone calls for you, your phone will not ring.

NRG – Non Registered Guest. This is also a way to be registered as a guest internally but if anyone calls asking for you, you do not exist as a guest in the hotel. At one hotel/casino I worked at, we had high rollers use this option. A lot of high rollers bring their wives and girlfriends and have two rooms on different floors. They will put both of their rooms on NRG and even DND if needed.

PAM – Public Area Maintenance (or any other variation). This is the cleaning crew. They keep the hotel clean, whether it is the bathrooms, elevators, trash, hallways, etc.

EDR – Employee Dining Room. One of the hotel/casinos I worked at used this term. When I first started, they always said, “Are you going to the EDR?” I had to figure out what it stood for on my own.

EO – Early Out. I really like this term. One of the hotel/casinos I worked at used this term. Early out refers to going home early. If you want to go home early, you just ask the supervisor or manager, “Can I get an EO?” Hotel/casinos are more than willing to send people home early, especially if it is slow and there is enough coverage. Other times, the supervisor or manager may ask if anyone wants an EO because it’s slow.


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