Independence at School

My son has special needs. He has Autism to be exact. He likes to run off, so whenever we are out and about, we always have to hold his hand and keep him near. He also likes routine. Depending on his mood, if something messes up with our daily routine, he can get upset.

My husband takes our son to and from school. He normally walks him up to the curb and hands him off to one of his teachers and she then walks him to the classroom. My husband said that his teacher wants him to learn independence so the teacher now walks him to the door and allows him to walk all by himself to his classroom! This is quite the change from any other school!

I think this is such a great idea. Our son already knows exactly where his classroom is. I was able to walk with him to his classroom and I asked him to show me where to go and he knew. He also has a morning routine when he gets to his classroom. He takes his binder out of his backpack and places his binder in his cubby and then hangs up his backpack and jacket on his assigned coat hook. It was so adorable to watch him do what he is supposed to do every morning.

He has always loved going to school. When he took the bus to school, he loved riding the bus too!

I am really happy that he walks to his classroom by himself from the main entrance. This is a huge step for him…walking by himself in public.

Our son loves routine. Our morning routine must be followed. Just this morning, he got upset because I started my morning routine about 15 minutes before he did. So I had to eat breakfast again with him. I only poured myself a very small amount of cereal and milk.


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