How I am improving my credit score

When I was younger, before marriage, I had really great credit! Enter marriage, my husband’s influence and life in general.

I admit, I should have listened to my own instincts regarding my credit. Instead, I listened to my husband because I trusted him that we could pay off my credit card balances. Then we bought a house on my credit and when the housing bubble hit, we had to leave our home and move east. We could not afford our home. For awhile, I did not have a credit card because I did not have a job. All that time, my credit score dropped and add a few delinquent credit cards and a foreclosure.

Now that I am working full time, I applied for a credit card several months ago. I use it for all of my purchases. I do not buy much, except weekly groceries and day to day small purchases that I make. I do not spend extravagantly, just when I really need to. I keep my balance low. I also make a payment on my credit card at least once a week or whenever I get paid. I am able to make a payment online, which makes it easier to check and maintain my balance.

I have had my credit card for a little over 6 months or so and I recently noticed that my credit limit was raised! When I log in to my account, I am also able to check my credit score and it is going up. I am currently rated as “good.”

Here are my tips to improving your credit score:
1. Apply for a credit card.
2. Keep a low balance
3. Pay your bills on time or even early
4. Watch your spending. Do not spend more than you can afford.


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