Impromptu trip out of town

Impromptu trip out of town

Yesterday evening, my husband and I had planned to go grocery shopping. We wanted to wait until after our son got home from school, that way we could all get out of the house. Our son loves trips in the car!

About 20 minutes before we were set to leave, my son comes out of the bedroom with our Red Robin rewards card. I ask him to put it back and he runs into his room and shuts the door. Every once in a while, he would come out and I would ask him to put it back and then he would run back into his room. He ended up putting the card in his pocket and would put his hand over his pocket. He wouldn’t put it back.

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We finally leave to go to Walmart. We get in the car and go towards the store. We’re in the left lane and as we get closer, my son tells his Daddy to switch lanes (the direction towards Red Robin). Being a pushover, my husband complies.

Now, you are probably thinking that we spoil our son and allow him to run our lives. However, that is far from the truth!

Our son has Autism. Communication is difficult for him. So, he rarely asks for anything, except food. The few times he does take the imitative to ask us for something, we are more likely to comply.

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We end up driving to another city just to eat at Red Robin (that is the closest one to us). It is about a 35-40 minute drive. We rarely eat out and if we do, it is usually at Red Robin. It is very kid friendly, which means it is the perfect place to take our son.

We were all stuffed full on the way home. We ended up getting a few things at the grocery store across from our complex. I needed a few things to pack for my son’s lunch for today. He went swimming with his class and I needed to pack a lunch for him. They planned to have a picnic with the kids.


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