If We Are Going To Be BFFs

If we are going to be BFFs

I am always looking for new friends and BFFs. As adults, most of have us have our clique of friends and acquaintances. I am willing to expand my little circle of friends. As a blogger, I am currently looking for fellow bloggers to befriend! I would love to network and work with other bloggers! I have a nice little group of bloggers that I enjoy working with. I also trust them. I do not mind sharing everything with them. A few of us have been friends for a few years now.

Do you have a tight circle of friends? Are you willing to grow your network? There are times when I want to be better friends with fellow bloggers! I just don’t know how to establish that with people. Do I just ask them outright? How would you go about being a great friend to someone?

If we are going to be BFFS, there are some things you should know about me:

If we are going to be friends, I am looking for people I can trust. If I share information with you, I hope that you will share information with me.

If we are going to be friends, there are things you should know about me. I love to laugh and love people who have a sense of humor. I am always willing to learn new things and grow as a person and blogger.

I am goofy and willing to laugh at myself. I often wonder if I secretly have blond roots because I do silly/stupid things sometimes.

I am sarcastic. I love to joke around to help the time pass at work.

I am honest. I love to share on social media.

If we are going to be friends, I will confide in you.

If we are going to be BFFs, I am willing to go the extra mile for you because you are my friend.


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  1. Love the pic of the kitties! Friendship takes effort, and some people aren’t willing to give it a shot. A true friend will stick by when friendship isn’t easy.

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