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Not Nervous....Nope

Not Nervous….Nope (Photo credit: Leah L. White)

What makes you nervous? I get nervous when I am vulnerable or out of my comfort zone, such as having to speak in front of a group or class. In school, I always hated getting up in front of the class to do a presentation.

Two weeks ago, I was so nervous because I had my first job interview in a few years. It was for a job that I really wanted. I would love to work in an office setting. I love the idea of having my own workspace, my own cubicle. Here at home, I have my own desk and workspace. I love it. I have my own desk to work.

I was nervous about my interview, but decided I would do my best! The interview process was about two hours long. The first hour was testing. The first part of the test was a 10 page written test and the second part was typing and creating spreadsheets in Excel. The second hour was the actual interview. I don’t think the interview took an hour.

Afterwards, I thought I did pretty good. I was honored for the opportunity to interview with the business since I have been applying for positions with them for over a year.

I have no idea how many other candidates they called in for an interview, nor do I know their experience. I just know my own background and experience.

In all, I think the job interview taught me a few things about myself. I realize that I should return to college. I have been wanting to earn my Bachelor’s Degree for awhile now. I am disappointed that I did not get the job, but I do believe things happen for a reason.

How do you get over nervousness? What was the last experience or event that make you nervous?


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