I Forgot How Much Fun Coloring Is

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I Forgot How Much Fun Coloring Is

Last week, my son was sent home with an assignment. As you can see above, we had to disguise the turkey! I honestly had no idea what I was going to do. I was thinking too elaborate with what I wanted to do. I was thinking along the lines of drawing a window and a lamp in the background and have the turkey holding binoculars. Then I decided to color the turkey to look like a tiger!

We don’t have any craft supplies at home. We don’t have glue or colorful paper. We just have crayons. I am not that creative so we don’t really do crafts and pretty projects at home. Since we had crayons, I decided coloring would be much easier than having to run out to buy supplies. To get started, I looked up pictures of tigers and went from there.

Tony the Turkey beautybrite

After spending about 20-30 minutes coloring the turkey, I realized how much fun coloring is! I love that Crayola created adult coloring kits! I love the Nature Kit and the Garden Kit. Which kits do you want to try?

I am unsure if I will enjoy the Crayola Adult Coloring Books as much as color kid friendly coloring pages. Coloring the turkey was fun because there was so much room to color. The coloring pages look very detailed. I guess I would have to see them in real life.

I really like coloring with crayons as well! I happened to use Crayola crayons to color the turkey. I even named the turkey “Tony the Turkey” after the mascot for the name brand cereal.

I am proud of my turkey! I think he turned out much better than I had imagined. I am not that creative or artsy, so I love how mysterious the turkey looks.


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