I didn’t fit in

I didn't fit in

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I made a mistake when I left my old job for a new job that paid more money. There were signs from the beginning but I was tempted by the potential pay raise. I first noticed the signs when I went in for the assessment test. I should have followed my initial thought, I was going to forego the assessment test. However, people encouraged me to go for it.

When I went in for the assessment I felt I could not picture myself doing the job. There were things I saw that I knew I wouldn’t like. Do you ever get the feeling that you are unable to picture yourself working somewhere? Or that you don’t fit in? That is the feeling I got each time I was there for the assessment and interview.

There were a few big turn offs I encountered but still ignored them. The money was blinding me, I suppose.

After finally starting the new job, I realized how much I missed my old job. Just days into the new job, I applied for jobs at my old job. I knew right away that I didn’t fit in. I misssed my co-workers. I missed the job itself too.

Every day, I would wake up not wanting to go to work. It literally made me sick. I hated being there. I didn’t fit in there either. I found myself taking a store brand ibuprofen and stress supplement twice a day! I knew the job wasn’t for me. I told everyone who asked how I felt about the job. Of course, I don’t think anyone could really understand how I was feeling.

Working full time, I found that I had little time for fitness, household chores and I started resenting my spouse. He would play video games all day and not help with any cleaning.

I am trying to get my old job back or another position with my former employer and applying everywhere I can. My spouse also asked his boss about any full time positions.

Last night, I decided I needed to resign immediately. After sending the email, I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders. I feel like my job was bad for my mind, body and health.

In the meantime, I am very happy to be a full time blogger again. I strive for harmony, peace and happiness and I am finally feeling that again!


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  1. I didn’t realise it was that bad hun, I hope your old job will take you back but in the mean time at least you can start feeling okay about things again xx

  2. I think it’s a wonderful idea that you re-signed. It is so important to be happy at your job, since it is something you spend 40 hours a week doing. I hope you find another position that you love.

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