I colored my hair today

I had a coupon for a free at-home color kit, so I finally bought the color today.  This is my second time coloring my hair on my own.  The first time I colored my hair the color really didn’t turn out, or maybe I wasn’t using the right shade.  Also, I think it may be a little difficult to lighten my black hair to a “golden brown” color.

This second time around, I didn’t see a difference after rinsing and conditioning my hair, nor did I see a difference in color after blow drying my hair.  After a few hours, I am slowly seeing a little bit of a difference.  They look a little like highlights and my hair now looks less black!  LOL 

I am really envious of my son’s hair color.  He is half Asian (me) and half Caucasian (my husband), so his hair is a beautiful medium brown color!  I love his hair color.  There are times I can’t even stop looking at and touching his hair.  I can’t describe it, but his hair color is very similar to Kate Gosselin’s kids hair color.

Joel, Aaden, Hannah and Alexis Gosselin

Regardless of the outcome (I am still holding out that it will slowly lighten a little), I had fun with this experience.  I hope to color my hair again, but only if I have a coupon! 

What about you, do you color your hair at home or get it done at a salon?  What colors do you like to color your hair? 


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  1. So many books, so li says:

    oooh I love changing colour – you should post a before and after picture.

  2. Peace Love & Poo says:

    I have a dark blond and a really dark brown color in my bathroom. My hair is a red/brown now. Not sure which color to go..New blog follower! Come follow back and enter my great giveaways! http://www.peacelovepoop.com

  3. Oh Stephanie, you are still young. lol, wait a few years and if your anything like me you will be coloring your hair every six weeks. I have dark brown hair but after years of being a blonde, red head, and dark brown with hilights, I have brought myself to stick with the medium golden brown. I have my free hair coloring coupon also.I always do my own coloring. I used to have it done in salons but I figured I could save myself hundreds of dollars by doing it myself. same with having my nails done.Have a great day and I hope you enjoy your new color.Cathy

  4. Melissa says:

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