How We Spend Our Halloween

How We Spend Our Halloween

Our Halloween tradition started when our son was born. Our son was still a baby by the time his first Halloween came around, so we didn’t do anything special. We kept everything the same that evening. We didn’t want people knocking on our door all night. Also, we had a dog at the time. Any knock at the door would make him bark like crazy. As our son got older, we just kept that tradition of not participating.

Our son has Autism and special needs. He does not like dressing up or wearing clothes he is not accustomed too. He does dress up here and there but he will only wear them for a few minutes at a time. He will try clothes on and then quickly take them off.

When I was growing up, my brother and I always dressed up for Halloween and went trick or treating. As we got older, we would either go trick or treating with our friends or together. Either way, we always had a blast and always came home with a huge bag of candy. I remember our parents going through our candy to make sure they were safe for us to eat. Looking back, I am sure they kept a few pieces for themselves! What parent wouldn’t?!

Our Halloween tradition usually consists of us spending the evening just as any other evening. We go about our evening as usual. We may turn on the Halloween cartoon specials on television too. We usually have takeout for dinner! It is a treat for us because we rarely to eat out or get takeout.

I am thankful that we do not take our son out for trick or treating. When he gets candy or food, he will try to eat all of it in one sitting. He will either open up the candy or food, taste it and if he doesn’t like it, he will spit it out. It is better that we don’t celebrate Halloween!

How do you spend Halloween? Do you pass out candy? Do you decorate?


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  1. My daughter was born near Halloween too, so that first Halloween we didn’t want anyone at our door either. Now, my husband and daughter take our son trick-or-treating and I stay home and pass out the treats. I’m glad you found something to do on Halloween that fits for your family.

    • That is really sweet your daughter enjoys taking her brother out trick or treating! It sounds like your family found a great way to spend Hallooween too!

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