How to Quickly Whiten Your Smile

How to Quickly Whiten Your Smile

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It took me a long time to face facts, but I secretly knew that my teeth weren’t as white as they could be. All of those morning cups of coffee, a glass of red wine at the end of the day, and my fondness for carbonated drinks have gradually dulled my smile. I didn’t want to spend hundreds on pricey whitening treatments at the dentist and I didn’t feel like putting strips on my teeth that made it impossible to talk.

I also live a busy and fast paced life; My family, friends, and work keep me very busy. Most whitening products on the market require you to sit and wait around for a while as the product sets on your teeth. I needed something that would brighten my smile quickly and effectively! Luster Premium 2 Minute White sounded like the perfect product for me! I could quickly apply the treatment and be on my way!

If you suffer from some tooth sensitivity, most whitening treatments can increase soreness and even cause pain. Thankfully, Luster Premium 2 Minute White will not affect sensitivity or cause you any discomfort. I could rest easy knowing that Luster White was carefully developed by dentists, and would also not cause any harm to my enamel either.

How To Quickly Whiten Your Smile

I tested out Luster Premium 2 Minute White over the course of one week. I applied the treatment once in the morning and once at night before bed. I read the instruction pamphlet that was included and found the directions to be incredibly simple:

-Prep your teeth; brush and floss right before using Luster Premium 2 Minute White

-Using 1 TBSP of Neutralizing Cleanser, swish for 10 seconds

-Carefully brush your teeth with the Correct Whitening Serum and allow 30 seconds for serum to dry. (Avoid getting serum on your lips, tongue, or gums.)

-Wait 10 minutes for serum to penetrate and combat stains before eating or drinking

After using the treatment I noticed that my smile looked brighter and several shades whiter. That is great news for coffee addicts and wine lovers everywhere! I feel more confident at work and at social events; I have no excuse to hide my smile anymore. Luster Premium White 2 Minute is designed for those who want fast results and easy to follow instructions. I’m glad I took the opportunity to test this product and discover a quicker, easier way to brighten my smile!

How To Quickly Whiten Your Smile

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