How to Prepare for your Trip on the Fly

How to Prepare for your Trip on the Fly

Are you getting ready to head out of town somewhere? There are many modes of transportation, such as car, bus, train and airplane. How do you like to travel?

I used to enjoy flying; at least before September 11th. Now, I get nervous and overwhelmed thinking about having to be at a busy airport and getting to the right gate on time. I also get worried about my luggage geting lost.

I love to travel, however flying can be such a chore! There are times when I need to fly back to the West Coast to visit family. Going through security is a bit overzealous to me. Taking off shoes, putting everything in plastic bins, etc.

My family and I love going out of town and enjoy the bonding time. When we travel, we have to drive. Flying is not an option with our son. He has Autism and we don’t know how he will react. Driving gives us the freedom to stop when we need to and enjoy the trip itself.

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I like to be prepared for travel. I want my experience with airports to be smooth and quick.

Here are my tips to prepare for your trip and avoid anxiety:

1. Check the weather

Check the weather to your destination to determine what to pack. When I travel with the family, I think about what my family needs as far as clothing and everything else. I take care of the packing and my husband handles the travel portion of things.

2. Pack ahead of time.

With weather in mind, consider the purpose of your trip. I like to make a list so I don’t forget anything.

3. Bring a carry on to keep near you

Consider TSA rules for your carry on. You don’t want to be tied up going through security.

If you are traveling with the family, bring plenty of snacks, toys and any other entertainment or distractions.

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4. Battery packs and chargers

Don’t forget the battery packs and chargers for your mobile devices!

5. Dress comfortably on the day of your travel!

Wear minimal jewelry so you don’t have to worry about removing them for TSA Screenings.

Whether you are traveling by plane or car, wear comfortable clothing.

6. Leave early

I prefer to be early or on time anywhere I go. If we are going out of town, we like to leave early to give us plenty of time for extra stops!

7. Enjoy your trip, you made it!


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