How to Motivate Yourself During Your Workouts

How to Motivate Yourself During Your Workouts 

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I don’t know about you but there are some days where I need a little more motivation than others to go and get my workouts done.  The best times for me to go workout is after work.  It also helps that me and my honey workout together.  But sometimes after a hectic day from work, my energy level feels like it has been sucked out from my soul. .

My honey and I are both in the military and we are stationed at the same base but we have two completely different jobs.  We’re not constantly making sure that we are both going to go to the gym after work because that in itself would just be annoying.  Having something nearby my desk or better yet, on me that will remind me to not give up or as we say it, “punk out” and just want to go home and be a couch potato works for me.  It’s crazy that physical education was my favorite class during school.  I ran cross country, played soccer, and ran track throughout middle and high school. Then fast forward almost 20 years and I’m still working out and running.  Trust me, nothing like I use to though.  I do it to keep in shape because I LOVE to eat plus the military makes it mandatory for us.

Momentum motivational jewelry came out with a line for just that.  To keep us motivated doing whatever it is that we are doing or what ever we’re going through.

I chose the phrase, “Stay Strong” for my wrist wrap.  It’s an adjustable black fabric with an aluminum pendant that has the “Stay Strong” phrase on it.  There are different phrases that you can get for your liking but I chose this one for that last few reps at the bench and that last leg on my runs.  I can just look at it and it reminds me to NOT QUIT and to keep pushing.

Momentum Workout Jewelry

Yea I know, I’m no beauty queen while I’m working out.  If you’re not sweating and your muscles aren’t about to give up on you, then you’re not working out! Period!

You can even look down towards your bracelet while you’re reaching out to grab some dumbbells and remind yourself to not give up.

The wrap that I have is $18.99.

Women workout jewelry

Sometimes I also use my band to wipe the sweat off my forehead.  Just remember to hand wash it once you get home.  You don’t want to be running around wondering what that funky aroma is that you’re smelling. ?

Momentum has some selected phrases already made but you can also customize your own phrase for just an additional cost.

Go check them out and see what catches your eye and motivates you over at their website HERE.

Also stay up to date with them on their social media.


There are so many different reasons that we would get these.  What would you use these motivation wraps for?



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  1. Katharine says:

    What a cool idea! I could definitely use something to give me extra motivation at the gym! Lol

  2. I am loving this Stay Strong. I am one that is very week and if I don’t have some kinda motivation I work out fail.

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