How to Make Shaving in the Shower Easier

How to Make Shaving in the Shower Easier

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Shaving, the simple utterance of the word makes me want to say, “eeck.” It’s a drag. It’s a pain. It’s a balancing act, especially in the shower. Since there is no good place to prop up my leg, I typically shave after I take a shower, with my leg on top of the toilet. Not only is this annoying, but also a waste of water and time. But no more, thanks to the Shower Sidekick from Cotidea.

This clever little tool was invented by Kristin Wald as a way to help women around the globe. Kristin came up with the idea while living in a dorm in college. She was tired of struggling to find an easier way to shave in the dorm bathrooms. As a once upon a time dorm dweller myself, I remember that struggle all to well. I either had to shave in my room using a large plastic cup filled up with water or figure out a discreet way to prop my leg on the bench outside my shower, while still in the shower.

Shower Sidekick by Cotidea

When I opened my Shower Sidekick box I was greeted by the product’s platform and metal pole, which both with rubberized details. I had no trouble putting the Sidekick together thanks to the enclosed instructions. In about 4 steps, I had my Shower Sidekick in my shower and ready to use. One of the very clever aspects of the design is that you don’t have to leave the Sidekick in your shower all the time. This is especially helpful if you live in a dorm, have a small shower, or share your shower with others.

In addition to the rubberized details on the Shower Sidekick, is the fact that it isn’t meant to be a permanent fixture in the shower. This is especially helpful if you live in a dorm, have a small shower, or share your shower with others. You can easily take it apart for storage or carry it with you to the shower whenever you need it.

Shower Sidekick Demonstration

After using the Shower Sidekick a few times, I am particularly impressed by the sturdiness of the platform. I never worry about my foot slipping off thanks to its shape and the rubberized “bumps” on the bottom of the platform. I also like that I could place my razor or shaving gel/cream on the little shelve for ease of use.

I did have some issues with getting my Shower Sidekick to stay in my shower. I don’t know what kind of tile is in my shower, but nothing ever likes to stick to it. Not suction cups and not the rubberized bottom of the Shower Sidekick. I did have several issues with the base of the pole slipping, but I was able to fix this by placing a wet washcloth underneath the pole. I kind of wish the base of the pole was a tad bit larger and that sides of the platform had larger rubberized pieces. I think this would help with different types styles and formats.

Shower Sidekick Adjustment

Regardless, the Shower Sidekick is a genius invention. It saves me time and effort. While I still don’t love shaving, at least now I can do it quickly and safely in my shower.

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Have you tried the Shower Sidekick? What is your biggest shaving challenge?


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  1. YAY! This is awesome!! My biggest challenge is my shower space is really narrow and it’s really hard to shave. But this would definitely be helpful!

  2. This is interesting, I don’t really have an issue shaving in the shower but this seems pretty convenient.

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