How to Fail at Your Business

How to fail at your business

I experienced a bad encounter with a company to where they were rude to me via email. It really irked me while it was happening and made me even more upset that they fired back at me with more rudeness.

The experience made me think about writing this post. This is all in good humor and I hope you can relate to some!?

Whether you are a business owner, direct sales owner, etc. wouldn’t customer service be your number one priority?!

After my experience, I came up with the idea for this post!  Enjoy my tips!

4 tips on How to Fail at Your Business:

1. Give them incorrect information. Customers love hearing wrong information about products and even prices.

2. Address them by the wrong name or misspell their name. Customers are most likely to turn to email or social media first to contact a company. They love reading a response from you.  They will surely notice when you use the wrong name or spell their name wrong, especially if their name is in their actual email address and/or signature.

3. Send them the wrong item, size, color or type of product. Customers love dealing with wrong items. It gives them a reason to call, Tweet, or email you.

4. Be rude to your customers. All it takes is one customer to upset and you are golden.

There you have it! My 4 tips to failing at business. Do you have any more to add? Let me know in comments.

Businesses: whether or not your day is going bad, do not take it out on your customers. They are your bread and butter, right? You want repeat customers, correct? When your customers are happy, the are more likely to tell their friends and share on social media!

Customers: I realize we have a voice! Use it for good too! If you receive superb customer service, let the business know! Call, email, Tweet the company!


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  1. Hire a customer service rep who knows absolutely nothing about the service or products offered by their company.
    Hire a customer service rep who cannot speak the language of the customer base.

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