How To Brew A Perfect Cup of Coffee

Brew A Perfect Cup of Coffee
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Do you love a perfect cup of coffee?

Do you love hitting a button and not having to worry about anything else except grabbing your perfect cup of coffee?

If you answered yes to either one of these then the Remington iCoffee Opus Single serve coffee brewer is for you!

I have had a keurig coffee brewer for the last couple of years end it is been standing on it’s last leg for about the last six months. It spews coffee everywhere, and I’m only able to use K-cups in it which is so frustrating with all of the fresh ground coffee that is out there to try these days.


One of the main reasons that I love the iCoffee Opus is the fact that you can use a reusable, refillable K-cup! Not only is this product included in the package, it is a very nice and well made reusable k-cup. This not only reduces waste into the environment it also saves you tons of money by not having to purchase k-cups! Each time you reuse the reusable K-cup you save on garbage pile up which in return saves you money and allows you to use any ground coffee, or freshly grind your own beans!


There was also a set of six different flavored coffees included in the package.


The iCoffee has a unique patented steam brewing technology, that no other coffee maker in its class can claim. I could really taste that the coffee was much smoother and much more flavorful than any other coffee Brewers I have used at home!

This machine has an option that will allow you to control how many ounces of coffee you want to brew at one time! Another great convenient part of this machine is the fact that you can remove the bottom portion if you have a larger mug or coffee cup that you want to use! There is a button that you push in the top that automatically and slowly opens up the chamber allowing you to place your choice of k-cup inside.

The iCoffee Opus has a very sleek and modern design and looks great sitting out on my counter! I love the blue and green light that it puts off in the night, this actually acts as a night light for me when I get up for my midnight snack! If you were anyone you know is in the market for a perfectly brewed cup of coffee anytime you want it, this is a great addition to your kitchen!

You can purchase iCoffee Brewers at Target, Walmart and Amazon.  You can find iCoffee on their website.


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    I love coffee! Sounds like a great machine. :0)

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