How to Avoid Workplace Violence

How to Avoid Workplace Violence

With all the horror stories of workplace violence and incidents, I do worry about my husband. He had a co-worker that had a lot of issues. It sounds like he was not a people person and angry all the time. I don’t want to mention specifics but I was worried something could happen.

When I think of my past jobs, we never had issues with former employees or co-workers. My husband and I have worked together at a few places. When we worked in the hotel industry, it was very easy to work at the same place as your spouse. Before we had our son, it was safer to work at the same place since we spent so much time there. We did our best to get along with everyone we came in contact with including our co-workers and hotel guests.

Here are my tips to avoiding workplace violence:

1. Update your “In Case of Emergency” information with your employer

My husband has me listed on his phone but I don’t think he has me listed as an “I.C.E or in case of emergency” contact. I made it a point to note that he and my parents are my “in case of emergency” contacts in my phone. I did this in case something happens to me and emergency personnel need to get ahold of my family.

My husband does have me listed as his emergency contact with his employer. When I was working, I had my husband and my parents listed. My parents live 3000 miles away but I still listed them.

2. Know your surroundings

As a woman, I am always aware of my surroundings. I know where the exits and stairs are. At my last job, there was a set of stairs right next to our work area.

Even when we are out with the family, we are always aware of our surroundings. Our son has special needs, so if we need to bail, we can. If needed, we are always ready to change the situation for our son. Our son can easily get upset or frustrated so we are always prepared to leave to care for him.

3. Keep your phone at your side

I know this is a given in our day and age but keep your phone handy and charged. At my last job, I was able to charge my phone at work. Even when I am at home, I make sure my phone is fully charged if I know we are going out. It is a fear of mine that my phone runs out of battery just when we need to make that important call for help.

4. Be friendly and courteous with everyone

This may sound like an obvious one but it makes sense. There is no reason to be mean or rude to someone you have to work with every day. My husband and I are the type to get along with everyone. When we worked together in the hotel industry, we got along with everyone in every department. There is no reason to add negativity to a long work day. Make it a great day and smile at people.

In addition, at my last job, we had each other’s phone numbers saved in our phones. This came in handy because we were all close enough to where we could text each other if we were going to be late, or were stopping to get breakfast for each other, etc. Having each other’s phone numbers allowed us to update each other on workplace news too.

5. Avoid drama

I admit, I love gossip but I dislike drama. I get my fix of drama from my favorite television shows! Regardless, I try not to get involved with the gossip that would hurt others. Thankfully, I always worked with fellow adults, so we didn’t gossip to hurt others; it was usually the craziness of our daily jobs.

I realize many people meet and date co-workers. My husband and I met at work. Not everyone who dates co-workers will end up getting married. If a breakup happens, do your best to get along with each other.

The last thing our world needs is more violence. Be positive and happy about the good things in your life. Don’t let anger or stress take over your life. I know I get angry and stressed here and there and I try not to dwell on them too much.

Go for a walk, you get the fresh air and the exercise.


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