How to Apply Foundation in Seconds

How to Apply Foundation in Seconds

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Every weekday morning, I wake up extra early just so I have time to snooze, eat a quick breakfast and do my makeup! I like having my quiet time while getting ready! I am always looking to save time in the morning so I have more time to prepare myself for a long work day!

Are you looking to save time when getting ready? All you need is one brush that allows you to apply foundation in seconds!

We all want to save time. If you’re a busy mom like me, you want to pamper yourself but can never find the time.

Here is how you can apply foundation in seconds:

Meet the Artis Elite Mirror Oval 10 brush!

Artis Elite Mirror Oval 10 beautybrite

As you can see, the Artis Elite Mirror Oval 10 is a huge brush!

Use the Artis Elite Mirror Oval 10 brush as you would your foundation brush. The generous size allows you to cover more area of your face as you apply your makeup!

I use it to apply my mineral makeup, including foundation and veil! It only takes a few seconds to apply both products!

The Oval 10 has over 250,000 fibers! The brush is super soft on my skin. The handle is much different from the traditional makeup brush. It is shaped to make it easier for one to apply their own makeup. Since the Artis Elite Mirror Oval 10 is much bigger than other foundation brushes, it is a bit heavier. I haven’t quite figured out how to hold the brush as I tend to use it both vertically and horizontally on my face.

The Artis Elite Mirror Oval 10 can also be used to apply shimmer on large areas of the body such as the shoulders or chest area! When I apply shimmer, I love applying it on my shoulders and lightly on my arms! I also add a bit of shimmer on my chest area! It gives me a nice sparkle and glow!

I love the Artis Elite Mirror Oval 10 brush! Even thought it is bigger and takes up more room in my makeup bag, I love using it.

I adore the Artis Elite brushes. They are unique and allow me to apply makeup with precision! You can read my review of the Artis Elite Mirror 3-Brush Set.

You can find the Artis Elite Mirror Oval 10 at Net-A-Porter and Artis Brush.


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  1. The Oval 10 would be a great time saver with that large surface coverage! I have such a busy schedule and need all the quality time savers I can find! This is going on my Christmas must haves list!

  2. I so want to get this!

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