How I abused a prescription drug

Disclosure: This is a guest post. The author wishes to remain anonymous but wanted to get her story out. All pictures are credited to unsplash.

How I abused a prescription drug

Yes, you read that right. I abused a prescription drug. Normally I do not take prescription medicine, let alone go to a doctor. I prefer natural remedies if at all possible, then I turn to over-the-counter medicine.

So how did I abuse a prescription drug? Last week, I started an intense workout program that I hadn’t done in a few years. I had a workout last Friday and I must have strained something because I woke up Saturday with a horrible pain in my neck. I literally had to move my whole body just to look to the side. The pain felt much worse on Sunday! I was imagining the worst possible scenarios.

What if the pain got worse each day?

I was desperate.

I ended up taking one of my husband’s old prescription Hydrocone. The label stated to take one and if needed take another 4-6 hours later. After taking one pill, I felt less pain and I was able to move a little more freely. I took advantage and started cleaning like crazy! I vacuumed, emptied the dishwasher and loaded the dirty dishes, laundry and more.


I felt better for the first time since Friday.

About 4 hours after taking the first pill, I started feeling the pain again. So, I took another pill.

Big mistake!

Less than an hour after taking the second pill, I started to feel really sick. I ended up emptying my stomach throughout the night. I had to prop myself up just so I wasn’t laying flat, otherwise I felt dizzy and even more sick.  This picture below makes me a little dizzy just looking at it.


I was afraid to get comfortable and fall asleep that night.

I was out of commission for most of Monday. I was unable to do any of my normal work or housework. I stayed in bed all day. My husband had to take our son to school that morning. I had no choice but to pick up our son from the bus stop that afternoon (he had to work).

After taking that second pill, I decided to endure the pain until it went away. Slowly, the pain lessened each day. Almost a week after injuring myself, I am feeling about 90% less pain. My stomach still feels queasy. My appetite is affected, but I definitely don’t mind that part as it is keeping me from eating so much.

I am thankful I never had to be hospitalized and my injuries eventually went away. This whole episode made me realize that I can no longer do intense workouts.

I plan on going back to yoga and pilates. I am giving myself plenty of time to feel better as I do not want to injure myself again.

Lesson learned.

Disclosure: This is a guest post. The author wishes to remain anonymous but wanted to get her story out. All pictures are credited to unsplash.


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  1. Nataile Brown says:

    As an Certified Addictions Counselor, I wouldn’t call this “abuse” but “use”. Many people keep the last of these prescriptions so, if and when, things like this happen they’ll have them. You were in pain, desperate for relief and chose to feel better. I’m sorry that you got so sick. That was probably because you hadn’t eaten anything or what you did eat didn’t mix well with the medicine. Keep up the good work with your exercise routine and next time try some Motrin, Aleve, and/or Tylenol. 🙂

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