We hosted a #DisneySide Event

We hosted a #DisneySide Event

I am so honored that my family and I were chosen to show our #DisneySide with a get together! We received a party pack to assist in our #DisneySide event in exchange for our honest opinion.

We received the multi-generational party pack, which means the contents contained items for a variety of ages of children. Our party pack arrived in the evening time and my son did not seem to notice. It gave me a chance to unpack the box and set everything out. I was able to survey the supplies we received and plan our event from there. We received a variety of products including laundry detergent, tea, and other food items. We also received games and items that can be used as prizes or put in goodies bags to send home with our guests.

Beauty Brite DisneySide Box

As you can see, the next morning, my son helped me go through everything that we received. He spent several hours examining everything. He wanted me to open a few of the items but had to remind him we had to wait.

I decided to host our event on Superbowl Sunday. We really do not watch sports, but it was fun to have the Superbowl on in the background so that we could watch the commercials. Plus, our #DisneySide gave us an excuse to spend some time as a family and a few of our son’s friends from his class.

Beauty Brite DisneySide Box 2

Our son has special needs and Autism. He attends mainstream school and in the exceptional children’s class at his school. He loves school and loves his teachers. We also love his teachers as they are very friendly.

Our #DisneySide event was a blast. Everyone was loved playing with all the little toys and stickers. The children were more interested in doing their own thing. So our event was a little different in that it was not on a schedule. We just went with the flow with what the kids wanted to do.

We had a few snacks and goodies for the kids. Some of the parents brought snacks and such to share. We all love Disney, so everyone had fun!

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