Honeycat Cosmetics Bath and Body

Honeycat Cosmetics Bath and Body

When I was asked to try Honetcat Cosmetics, I had no idea how much I would enjoy their products. I received a variety of their bath and body products to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

For this review, I received Sweet Potato Pie Bubble Stuff, Vanilla Butter Cream Grooming Bar, On the Prowl Peach Brandy Shower Gel and Chocolate Bath Melt Treats.

I rarely take baths because they are never relaxing. My son likes to jump in the bath with me. While it is fun and silly, it really isn’t a great way to relax and unwind. For this review, I decided to start taking a bath at least once a week. I do like to unwind in a hot bath. I used the Chocolate Bath Melt Treats in the bath. The bath literally smelled like chocolate! It smelled so good!

Then I used the On the Prowl Peach Brand Shower Gel to cleanse my skin. The shower gel smelled really yummy! We have the Vanilla Butter Cream Grooming Bar in the shower and my husband and I are both using it to shower with.

I used to love taking bubble baths as a kid. They were a special treat. I am looking forward to many more bubble baths as an adult. Since my son will join me in the bathtub, it will be fun to take a bubble bath with him. He loves the water and he loves bubbles too. I love pampering myself with scented bath and body products.

Be sure to check out my video overview of the products I received:

Since I started using Honeycat Cosmetics bath and body products, I am taking the time to distress after a long week or even after a workout! The hot water allows my muscles to relax and prevent further soreness.

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