Home Safety

Home Safety

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Our homes are our domain.  Home is where we spend most of our precious time, with the ones we love.  For us, our apartment is where we spend the majority of our time.  That is why home security family is so important to us.  We feel safe in our own home, which is why protecting the home is so important.

Home is where we raise our families, where we entertain and it’s also where we sleep.  When searching for a new home, what do you look for?  A good neighborhood?  Good schools?  Well kept home and yard?  Home security is something that should not be overlooked.  Protect your home and your family with peace of mind.

When we moved to our current city, we looked for safety, neighborhood and the overall look of the area. We also looked at what business were nearby. We wanted a place that had access for me to walk to. Our former apartment was across the street from Walgreens. It was perfect for me because I could walk there if we needed something quickly. I ended up doing a little couponing there to help save money.

When we moved to our current apartment, we looked for all of the above as well as affordability. Our rent was going to be raised about $200, so we were looking for cheaper rent. Thankfully, we found our current place and it is super affordable. We love it. We’ve been here for 2 years and just signed another 2 year lease.


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