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Hello Monday!  I was really looking forward to today.  It was a long weekend for me.  We ended up keeping our son home from school on Friday because he wasn’t looking or feeling well.  Which meant, he was home with me for three days straight!  He is such a ball of energy!

The time change didn’t affect us until last night.  Our son stayed up pretty late, and I just realized why!

I could not fall asleep last night either.  While I was up, I took the time to read and update my blog.  I didn’t go to bed until after 2am.

I am home alone today.  When I think of the term “home alone,” I always think of the movie!  My son is back at school today and my husband is working today.  My son comes home around 2:40pm and my husband will be home about an hour later.  While I am home alone, I plan on getting caught up on laundry!

I also need to stop by our apartment management office to turn in our notice.  We will not be renewing our lease at the end of our lease.  Once we do that, we should get the approval to move to another apartment complex not too far.  It is much cheaper rent and we will have more square footage.  We are looking forward to moving.  I really like the property and it seems quiet.  Don’t get me wrong, I love our current neighborhood.  We are only moving because the rent keeps going up.  The apartment we are moving too will be about $100 less than what we are paying now.

Did the time change affect you or your family?  Did you four-legged babies give you an early wake up call?  Let me know!


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  1. Enjoy your alone time! I’m having trouble adjusting to the time change too…getting out of bed and getting everyone out the door this morning was so hard.

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