Home Alone For A Week

Home Alone For A Week

Every year around this time my fiancée and a large group of friends go on their yearly fishing trip to the outer banks! All throughout the year I always think to myself how busy life is, how you get up everyday early for work, you come home from work cook dinner, shower and it seems it’s already time for bed. I have a list of ideas that I keep adding to that I want to do, but I just never seem to find the time to do it.

I have made up my mind that this year will be different! My week of time at home all alone next week will be spent marking things off of my dusty list. I am going to pre plan my meals for the week so that way I don’t have to spend a lot of time worrying about cooking. I may even order in one night, and do pick up another night.

I’m hoping that with no one home to talk to or to remind me of what good shows are coming on each night, that I may be able to tackle my to do list.

A few things that I am planning on getting done

1. Making a toothbrush holder out of pvc pipe that attaches to the back of the cabinet door to disguise your toothbrushes and toothpaste

2. Making a canvas sign for my FH (future husband) that says ” you are the bubble to my bath” to hang in our bathroom.

I’m hoping getting these few things done will be a breeze and I can move on to other things early in the week. Im actually telling myself that whatever is not done, I’m stopping on Saturday and going to use Saturday and Sunday to give the whole house a scrub down to surprise the fiancée when he gets home! I will update with pictures of my final products, wish me luck!! Do you make list? and if you do, do you always get everything done on them?


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